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How to use peeling gel, Women Africa
How to use peeling gel, Women Africa

BEAUTY TIPS: How to use peeling gel

Do you want to know how to use peeling gel? Follow these easy steps!

The name “peeling gel” refers to the fruit enzymes that act as a chemical exfoliant in a beauty product. The gel is effective enough to slough off dirt and dead skin immediately, while being gentle enough to use on the face or sensitive areas.

Follow these easy steps to use your peeling gel effectively!

Clean Your Face

Before using any exfoliant, clean your skin with water. You can use damp cotton to clean your face. It is better to use the gel on wet skin. So, it is advisable not to dry your face after washing. Some, gels will make your skin dehydrated if applied on dry face.

Correct Quantity Of Gel

Using the correct amount of gel is one among the 6 steps to use facial peeling gel. Experts suggest using a small quantity of the peeling gel. It can be around 2cm in diameter. Appropriate amount of gel works wonders on your face.

Proper Application

Apply the facial peeling gel on your face and slowly massage with your finger tips. Like all other facials, peeling gel also needs a circular motion. Massaging in a circular motion improves the blood circulation and the fruit enzyme in the gel will get absorbed fast.

Allow It To Dry

Allow the gel todry naturally. Make sure that you don’t talk or smile with the gel on your face. It is recommended to rinse the facial peeling gel with Luke warm water. Luke warm water allows your face to have a fresh look.

Frequency Of Use

You can use facial peeling gel once in a week or even twice a week. For better results, use according to your skin type. Some people are exposed to pollution and dirt more often and this makes their skin dull. Dullness is due to the dead skin cells. So, adjust the use as per your lifestyle.


Don’t use peeling gels if you have fresh wounds or infections on your skin. Avoid areas around your eyes. Wash thoroughly if the gel happens to be in contact with your eyes. Never use peeling gels daily.

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