Thursday , 26 April 2018
How to beat oily skin with Afriderm, Women African
How to beat oily skin with Afriderm, Women African

BLOGGER TALK: How to beat oily skin!

Women Africa takes a look at how Afriderm’s beauty advisor Clementine Mojapelo conquered oily skin!

We all have that one friend who has super oily skin, and if you say you don’t… you’re probably that friend!

Oily skin can be super frustrating and unflattering. The bad news is, the biggest contributor to your oil levels are genetics, and everyone knows we don’t negotiate with genetics … thanks mom! The good news however, with the right product, and correct skin care, we certainly can try to minimize factors that lead to an increase in oil production.


I know you saw this coming. Nobody likes this time of the month, from mood swings, weird cravings and now we learn your skin could be taking a hit as well. Essentially, your skin and scalp get oily because of hormonal fluctuations. Every month your body is going through a regular cycle of hormone production, and as those hormones wax and wane, they can stimulate your oil glands hence those pre-period acne bouts!


Super-heavy makeup can trap the oil in the pores, 6 times out of 10 resulting in a rather oily situation. The skin is also affected when you use and reuse application utensils without cleaning them afterwards. The residue of dead skin cells and oils get reapplied to the skin every time you don’t clean it. What I usually do is soak my beauty blender and brushes in coconut oil and warm water, which extracts all the dirty and they are ready to reuse in no time.


Emotional and physical stress can result in a high hormone production in the body. Stress incites your “fight-or-flight response and when you choose to get your fight on, that can lead to an increase in production of oil from your oil glands because of that hormonal surge.


Afriderm peeling gel not only combats the oil trapped in your skin but also prevents a further build up of dead skin cells and oils. The gentle exfoliator creates smooth, clear, attractive skin tones & texture! Not only that but also;
• Accelerates natural, fresh cell renewal and guards against a dry, dull appearance.
• Removes old skin cells, nourishes the layers beneath, and encourages skin regeneration.
• The gentle action clears away dry, rough patches and dark spots left by blemishes, for a smoother, even-toned face.

In my almost yearlong experience of using this product, I’ve found that Afriderm offers the perfect solution to dark skin problems, and it doesn’t hurt that the products are made from natural ingredients or you’ll never have to worry about after effects. Try it for yourself and thank me later.



Afriderm is available in local Edgars and Clicks stores nationwide. Contact us today to get your hands on this amazing, whilst stocks last.

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