Monday , 28 May 2018
Blogger Pinkbubbles, Women Africa
Blogger Pinkbubbles, Women Africa

BLOGGER TALK: Pinkbubbles loves Afriderm’s skincare qualities

Blogger Pinkbubbles says Afriderm’s wide range of products are great for those searching for smoother skin.

I’ve always wondered how soon one must start incorporating anti-aging products in their routine, and after doing some research and reading a few articles it is safe to say at the age of 25, yes 25 and above because prevention is better than cure. I turned 25 last month( yes,I’m old lol) and I collaborated with Afriderm to review their products which are also great at combating early signs of aging (we wanna stay young forever babes). Those of you who follow the blog, will know that I’m a huge fan of their products, I’ve reviewed their peeling gel which is bomb here. I was sent the Soothing eye cream and the Facial-Intensive Serum Concentrate, before I continue with the review can we just appreciate the elegant packaging…. love!!!


The eye cream comes in a lovely tub with a spatula to scoop up just the right amount of product you need to use. The product claims to soothe, hydrate while also ridding the eye area of any pigmentation. It contains green tea,aloe ,jojoba seed oil and evening primrose oil which is good for dealing with pigmentation. I used this for 6 weeks and the tub is still almost full, when applied the cream indeed does soothe and refreshes the eye area. I had eye bags and dark circles around my eyes and I’ve noticed a huge difference since using this. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight but for a period of 6 weeks I am happy with the difference I am seeing another important thing to note is how hydrating this is on the skin.


The serum comes in a glass like bottle with a pump for hygiene purposes. The serum claims to lift and firm the skin, two pumps are sufficient to cover my face. It contains Syringa vulgaris (lilac) which encourages skin repair and Octadecenedioic Acid which calms problematic skin and improves skin tone. The serum really does plump up my skin every time I use it and I love how my skin always feels after use though it has a tacky feeling when you apply but it dries down after some minutes. With regards to my pigmentation and skin tone I haven’t noticed any difference so far, but I hope there will be difference with continuous use. Overall, this is a good product for anyone looking for a product that will plump and lift the skin.


Overall, I’m happy with these products and they’ve become a part of my skincare routine. I’d like to thank Afriderm for sending these to me, the products are available on their website and at Edgars stores.

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