Monday , 28 May 2018
Mna Nam makes saving fashionable, Women Africa
Mna Nam makes saving fashionable, Women Africa

Sanlam’s Mna Nam makes saving fashionable

The Mna Nam by Laduma is more than this season’s most exclusive accessory; it’s a sophisticated fashion statement that allows you to save as easily as you spend.

Brought to you by Sanlam, the signature design seamlessly integrates a QR code that’s linked to your WeChat Savings Wallet, powered by Standard Bank.

The bracelet was designed by Laduma Ngxokolo, who is a multi-award winning fashion icon. His work is internationally recognised for his bold, contemporary knitwear prints that combine South African tradition with modern sophistication.

His innovative approach to fashion is making waves on runways all over the globe.

By creating the Mna Nam in collaboration with Sanlam, Laduma is the proud pioneer of a new fashion product that will influence the way we save.

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